Here we can provide you with basic knowledge of what you should do if you are to breakdown. This basic knowledge can be vitally important in some situations as breaking down can become extremely dangerous to you and others around you.

Below we are giving three small pieces of advice on local breakdown, motorway breakdown, and what to do if in an accident. These tips are short and precise to ensure that it is easy to take in and remember. However visiting the Highway Code Uk website will provide you with the full details of what to do during a breakdown from the official highway code.

Tips and Advice

Local Breakdown Tip #1

If possible remove your vehicle from the road and wear
clothing that will make yourself more visible, if possible.

Local Breakdown Tip #2

Activate Hazard warning lights to warn others and
sidelights if it is night time or visibility is poor.

Local Breakdown Tip #3

Safely place your warning triangle at least 45 metres behind your
vehicle on the same side of the road. NOT for

Motorway Tip #1

Pull on to the hard shoulder if possible with the wheels
turned left, as near to an emergency phone as possible.

Motorway Tip #2

Leave the vehicle using the left hand door and ensure that
all passengers do the same, keeping everyone away from the
carriage way.

Motorway Tip #3

Walk to the nearest emergency phone and give full details
to the operator, including if you feel vulnerable or in danger.

Accident Tip #1

Activate your hazard warning lights to warn others and ask
drivers involved to switch off their engines and stop smoking.

Accident Tip #2

Arrange for the emergency services to be called and provide
them with full details such as location and amount of casualties.
Use the emergency phone if you are on a motorway.

Accident Tip #3

Relocate all uninjured people away from the vehicles.
Anybody injured should not be moved unless the car is dangerous.